We set ourselves a very ambitious goal of 1,000,000 good deeds spread throughout the world and joined the XRP community to make this have a global impact.

We have created 1,000,000 INL tokens on the XRPL, and we are ready to hand over 1 INL to everyone who made the world a little better. You can then tokenize your good deed in the form of an NFT, and place your art in our gallery of goodness…

$inl hand over details

We are developing a platform cataloging your tokenized good deeds, photos and videos, which will be accessible on private or public galleries.
The platform will have a conversation as well as a market for the sale / purchase and exchange of NFTs avatars etc…

On the forum we will process your applications and check them for a number of simple requirements.
Those applications that get to the forum after moderation will be able to participate in the voting and assessment of rarity.

So to get a token INL, you need to fill out an application, where you must describe your act that made the world a little better and indicated the wallet address.

While our platform is in development, we will begin accepting the first applications on our Twitter page. When you see a post about accepting applications, you can send your own in the comments to this post.

Those applications that receive the most likes (community approvals) will be accepted in the tokenization queue (until the NTF standard on the ledger is finally approved).

One good deed always leads to another…

next $inl airdrop

As soon as the our community grows to 50,000 Trust Lines, we will start the last and largest airdrop of 50,000 INL🤩

(5% of the total supply),

each unique INL network user (verified in XUMM)

will receive 1 INL, and the ability to use INL Faucet daily. 🥳

add trust line