Season #1

The development of the INL Metaverse will be divided into seasons. Each season will build sequentially each layer of the Metaverse.

We will kick off the first season by minting the NFT “Birth of the Metaverse“. This will be the key to access the first layer of the Metaverse “The Hallway of Honor“.

The Hallway of Honor is a big hall in a virtual space, on the walls of which all NFTs of the first season will be sequentially placed on both sides.


The birth of the metaverse

NFTs in the first season will be divided into cards of various rarities:
Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary

In addition, in The Hallway of Honor, there will be many doors with an electronic lock, behind will be private collections will be kept, and the key to the doors is a unique NFTKEY of the author of the collection.

The first season of the first NFT dedicated to the creation of the Metaverse will begin. This NFT will be released in a total of 2021.
Also, this token will be the key that opens access to theHallway of Honor.

To receive a Token – the Birth of the Metaverse, addresses included in the Whitelist will be able to.
Addresses will be able to get into the Whitelist if at the time of the snapshot 21.12.21 there will be at least 21 (12) INL

* Holders more than 21 INL, can purchase up to 5 NFTs
* Holders more than 12 INL, can purchase 1 NFT

Also you can be a part of NFTs auctions in our Telegram group

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During the first season, 10,000 NFT Tokens will be issued. When the season ends – at the end of the Tunnel of Honor, a New Door will appear, which will open a new layer and start a new season.