What is In New Life Metaverse?

A collective of virtual shared space created by the convergence of a virtually enhanced physical reality and a physically permanent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

In our Metaverse, we want to display exceptionally good deeds, so that in the future, we can plunge into the world of positive at any time.

We collect the biggest world NFTs collection of good deeds.


We have chosen one of the fastest and most carbon-safe blockchains for our virtual world – XRPL.

This allows our network to interact globally, with exceptionally low transaction fees, high security, and blazing fast settlement speed.


We are awaiting the approval of the XLS-20 standard to provide our users a higher level of service.

We always trying to work with top artists and developers in the industry to find optimal solutions for the future of our marketplace.


How To Earn $INL

We set ourselves a very ambitious goal of 1,000,000 good deeds spread throughout the world and joined the XRP community to make this have a global impact.
We have created 1,000,000 INL tokens on the XRPL, and we are ready to hand over 1 INL to everyone who made the world a little better. You can then tokenize your good deed in the form of an NFT.
Start you collection, share your good deed to the world, and be put into the gallery of the metaverse of goodness.

Tell your story, earn a $INL Token

To get a token, you need to fill out an application, where you must describe your act that made the world a little better and indicated the wallet address – be sure to add a photo or video of proof.

Approved applications will be up for voting, and will go to our forum, where the community will determine the winner of the week and the rarity of the NFT cards: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary.

Learn more about INL Metaverse

President of #Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa:

We will win.
There will be new cities.
There will be new dreams.
There will be a new story.
There will be, there’s no doubt.
And those we've lost will be remembered.
And we will sing again, and we will celebrate anew.

We will make sure Ukraine has weapons to defend against the invading Russian force.

We will send money and food and aid to save Ukrainian lives.

We will welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms.

🌷 Dear, beloved, so beautiful and nice girls and women!

The #INL team congratulates you on International Women's Day - March 8!💃

🌸 Bloom, enjoy life, be happy, love and be loved forever! 💞

Happy International Women's Day, darling women!

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The easiest way to support our endeavors is to donate to our cause.

We will take a photo of your transaction, make an NFT out of it, and send it to your personal collection.

Your donations will be stored in a public address and used to scale the metaverse of good deeds.

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